How to start e commerce on instagram


How to start e commerce on instagram

Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing app to a vibrant e-commerce platform. Businesses, both big and small, can now sell their items directly through their Instagram pages. In 2020, the app crossed the milestone of one billion monthly active users. Today, it boasts over two billion active users each month and 500 million who use it daily. Nearly a fifth of the global internet population checks Instagram daily. Shopping on Instagram is becoming more popular, with 44% of users stating they shop on it every week. Helpful tools like the shopping tab and Buy buttons are making it easier for people to buy things on Instagram. But, with so many sellers, it's crucial for brands to find ways to stand out.

How to start e commerce on instagram

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users
  • 20.3% of all active internet users use Instagram daily
  • 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly
  • Intuitive features like shopping tab, product tags, and Buy buttons make it easy for users to purchase on Instagram
  • The competition on Instagram is fierce, so brands need to stand out

Understanding Instagram Ecommerce

What is Instagram Ecommerce?

Instagram ecommerce is using Instagram to sell goods. Businesses can use Instagram alone or also have a website. Brands need a business account to create an Instagram Shop. This shop lets them showcase their products like a virtual store.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Ecommerce

Gen Z and millennials often buy things through Instagram. They find it easy to shop on Instagram's Explore section. They can "Shop Now," add to their cart, and check out all while staying in the app.

Selling on Instagram has many pluses. It makes conversions simple, encourages customers to share, and lets businesses talk directly to their audience. Plus, it helps get the word out, lets you advertise, and boosts your brand's fame.

70% of shoppers use Instagram to find new products. Many people make purchases based on what influencers recommend. Also, you can tag up to 5 products in a photo or video. This makes it easy for users to see and buy what they like.

To set up an Instagram Shop, you need to check if you're eligible, switch to a business account, link to Facebook, upload your product catalog, and pass a review. Shops can use product stickers in stories to attract traffic and boost sales.

Instagram Stories and Shopping let you use various product stickers. You can find stickers with a shopping bag icon, colored product names, and translucent labels. This adds another layer of shopping experience for users.

For Instagram Shopping, there are five top tips. These include using eye-catching images, hashtags, sales, being inclusive, and working with other brands or influencers.

Setting Up Your Instagram Shop

Setting up an Instagram business account is the first step. This allows companies to use Instagram for selling. They need to check if they qualify, switch to a business account, link with their Facebook page, add their products, and get their account reviewed to start using Instagram Shopping features.

Confirm Eligibility

Businesses can sell on Instagram if they meet certain rules. For example, they should be in a place where this is supported, sell real things, and follow Instagram's rules for sellers.

Convert to a Business Account

Switching your Instagram profile to a business or creator account is key. This change helps you to show off your products. It turns your Instagram page into a place where people can shop.

Connect Your Facebook Page

After changing to a business or creator account, link it to a Facebook Page. This lets companies use their current fans and ads to boost sales on Instagram.

Upload a Product Catalog

Then, upload your products to your Commerce Manager account. This is the base of your Instagram Shop. Your products will show up in Instagram easily.

Complete Account Review and Enable Shopping

Next, your account needs to be reviewed. This is for turning on Instagram Shopping. It lets you display your products and make posts that people can shop from.

This process works well with Facebook. It lets businesses use their old fans and ads to sell more on Instagram.

For making Instagram Shopping posts, companies can add tags to their posts, Reels, and Stories. They can do it right on Instagram. Or use tools like Hootsuite to plan and manage posts easily.

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How to Start E-Commerce on Instagram

To begin ecommerce on Instagram, start by making your store. Next, make your account better, share your products, and talk with people. Also, check how well you're doing. This guide will show you the key steps to win on Instagram, from checking your shop's OK to using cool tools like product tags and shoppable posts.

To see if you can open an Instagram Shop, first make your account a business one. Then, link it to a Facebook Page. After setting up, load your product list and get your account checked out. This lets you use Instagram's shopping features.

Your Instagram shop must look great to sell more. Use pictures and videos that people love to see. Also, use tools like product tags and shoppable posts. These help people see and buy your products right on Instagram.

To sell to more people, share posts with tags and links to your store. Use ads to boost your posts and get more sales. Working with influencers can also help get more people to know about your products.

It's important to keep your audience interested to build trust and find new customers. Reply to messages and comments quickly. Share things your followers make, and hold contests. These help you get more people who might buy from you.

It's important to know how well your shop is doing. Look at your sales, how many people buy after seeing your posts, and how people interact with your content. Find your best posts. Then, use what you learn to share better stuff and make smarter marketing choices.

Optimizing Your Instagram Shop

To make your Instagram business account shine, use eye-catching pictures. This style attracts your desired viewers. With more than two billion monthly users, Instagram is a giant in the internet world. For e-commerce and tagging products, it's a key spot. Nearly half of its users shop on it each week.

Leverage Instagram Shopping Features

Instagram lets you add product tags and shopping stickers. This helps buyers easily find and buy your items. The engagement rate on Instagram is higher than on Facebook by a factor of ten. So, there's big potential for influencer marketing and ads on Instagram.

Utilize Product Tags and Stickers

Over 200 million people look at a business page each day. And, nine out of ten Instagram users follow at least one brand. With product tags and shopping stickers, finding and buying products is simple. After seeing a product on Instagram, 87% of users act. And half of them become more curious about the brand after seeing an ad.

Instagram boasts more than 1 billion active users, making it top for e-commerce. Almost all shoppers use it to find new products. 80% of its users follow business accounts. Each month, product tags get 130 million taps. Over 500 million people check out Stories daily.

The Instagram Shopping Setup & Optimization service is designed for businesses. It includes account setup, making catalogs, product tagging, shop tab, and optimization. Monitoring helps track the results, like more sales and better brand visibility. It also provides useful data for future planning.

Promoting Your Products

Selling your products on Instagram is crucial for boosting sales and finding new buyers. You can easily add product tags and links to your online store to make your posts shoppable. This way, people can find and buy your items with just a few clicks. You should also consider running Instagram ads. These ads help more people see your brand, making them 50% more likely to be interested when they do.

Collaborate with Influencers

Working with influencers who fit well with your brand and have a lot of followers can really help. Research shows that 87% of buyers have tried something new because an influencer recommended it. Plus, it's better to choose influencers with a lot of interaction over those with just a high count of followers.

Instagram Ecommerce StatisticsData
Monthly Active UsersOver 2 billion
Daily Active Users500 million
Instagram Users Who Use It to Shop Weekly44%
Social Media Users Who Have Made a Purchase via Instagram44%
Instagram Users Who Discover New Products and Services on the Platform83%
Instagram Users Who Follow a Brand90%
Instagram Users Who Take Action After Seeing a Product87%
People Open to Shopping from New Brands Discovered on Social Media44%
Shopping Enthusiasts Who Turn to Instagram for Product Discovery70%
People Inspired by Influencers to Make a New Purchase87%

Engaging Your Audience

Getting your audience involved is key for making them loyal to your brand. It also helps you connect with people who might buy from you. Fast replies to comments and messages show you care about their thoughts. It proves you're ready to talk when they are. When you share what your customers create, like photos with your stuff, honesty and trust grow. Having fun contests and giving things away gets more people excited about your brand and draws in possible buyers.

Respond to Comments and DMs

Talking back quickly to comments and messages is like a handshake online. It says you're there and you're listening. This not only boosts conversation but also makes people feel part of something. It turns your brand into a friendly hangout spot online.

Share User-Generated Content

Letting your fans lead the way with what they post about your brand is a win for trust and realness. When you show off their photos or reviews, everyone sees the good vibes. More people want to join in too. It's like throwing a party everyone wants to go to.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests and prizes online will get people talking and clicking. It's a great way to meet new possible customers. These fun competitions make people interact more with your stuff. Plus, giving away cool prizes makes them remember you. It's a winsome for all way to grow your fan base.

Analyzing Performance

Looking closely at how well your Instagram shop is doing is key to making it better and getting more sales. Keep an eye on your sales, how many people buy after seeing your posts, how much people like and share your posts, and how many people get to see them. Instagram Insights shows you info about who sees your posts, comments, new followers, and much more. With this, you can set clear targets that match your business goals. Things like how fast your followers are growing, how much they interact with your posts, and how your stories do are all very important for understanding how well you're doing on Instagram.

Identify Best-Performing Content

Find out what kind of posts do best, whether it's ones people can buy from, ads, or teaming up with influencers. This can help your future postings and marketing choices. Tools like Socialinsider are great for checking how well different brands are doing on Instagram. They look at things like how much your posts get seen, how many followers you gain, and how much people like or comment on your posts. These are important for understanding how you're doing compared to others on Instagram. Recent studies show that people really like watching Reels on Instagram, more than other kinds of posts. By checking out what your competition is doing, you can find areas where you can do better. You can then draw more people in by making your posts more interesting.

Optimize Your Strategy

Keep making your strategy better by using the data you collect. This way, more of the people you want to reach will buy from you. Looking at how others are doing on Instagram can show you what you're good at and what you can improve. When you know what draws people in the most, you can make sure you're giving them what they like to see. It's also good to know who else is out there selling similar things. This helps you understand what makes you stand out on Instagram.

Integrating with Other Platforms

Linking your Instagram ecommerce with other platforms helps boost your sales. Connect your Instagram shop to your website. This lets customers smoothly go from seeing a product to buying it. Also, match your Instagram ads with Facebook ads to reach more people. This way, you spend money on ads more wisely. Combining Instagram with other online marketing methods makes your sales strategy better.

Link Instagram to Your Website

By putting your Instagram shop on your website, shopping is easier for customers. People can find your products on Instagram and then easily buy them on your website. This smooth process means more people buy from your online store.

Sync with Facebook Ads

Linking your Instagram ads with Facebook ads reaches more people and uses your ad money better. Facebook has tools to aim your ads at the right audience. Using these tools helps you get the most out of your ads on both platforms. Most Instagram users follow a business and many visit business profiles every day. Joining your Instagram and Facebook ads helps you connect well with possible customers.


Instagram is now key for businesses big and small in selling online. Create an Instagram shop, perfect your photos, and use shopping tools. Add in smart product promotion. This mix can lead to big wins on Instagram. Always stay active with your followers and keep an eye on your stats. This way, you can do better than others and grow steadily.

Linking your Instagram with other online spots, like your website and Facebook ads, can boost your success. With Instagram as your core, use other tools too. This makes a strong spot in ecommerce that people really like.

Instagram keeps getting better for selling online. Companies that dive in now are set for good things in the future. Mix the right plans with always seeking new ways to do things on Instagram. This can really grow your online business.


What is Instagram Ecommerce?

Instagram ecommerce uses the platform to market and sell products. Businesses can sell directly via Instagram or link to an outside store.

What are the benefits of using Instagram for Ecommerce?

It helps with easier buys, entices happy customers to share, and improves talking with buyers. It reaches more people, opens doorways for ads, and boosts your brand’s notoriety.

How do I set up an Instagram Shop?

First, ensure you meet all requirements. Then, switch your account to a business one and hook it up to Facebook. Add your items to sell and go through the review to get shopping features live.

How do I optimize my Instagram Shop?

Use bright and inviting visuals that appeal to your audience. Tap into Instagram's shopping tools, like tags and stickers, to make shopping simple within the app.

How can I promote my products on Instagram?

To sell more and attract new clients, make your posts shoppable and link them to your online store. Also, running Instagram ads can boost your viewings. Working with influencers and their followers is a great way to expand your market.

How do I engage my audience on Instagram?

To win loyalty and make friends, answer comments and DMs quickly. User photos of your items to create trust and run contests to draw in new fans who might buy.

How do I analyze the performance of my Instagram Ecommerce efforts?

Check your progress by looking at how much you sell, who views your stuff, and how many interact with it. Focus on what works best, be it posts, ads, or influencer team-ups. Keep your activities sharp and fiddle with them to keep winning over your crowd.

How can I integrate my Instagram Ecommerce efforts with other platforms?

Enhance your selling and outreach by linking your site to Instagram. Also, blend your Instagram ads with Facebook’s. Such connections make for a stronger sales campaign, pulling users through various online spots.

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