How to open online store on Amazon


How to open online store on Amazon

Are you ready to start selling your products online? Maybe you already have a line of goods and wish to reach out to more customers.1 Starting an online store allows you to grab the many opportunities that eCommerce offers. It's a way to bridge the gap with your customers and make your mark in the global market.

Jumping into online selling might seem tricky at first. Managing your stock and delivering products to customers can be a big challenge. However, with enough dedication, time, and the right tools, you can overcome these obstacles. This guide will show you how to kick off your online store journey. We will also introduce various Amazon tools. These tools will help you showcase your products to a wide audience on their platform.

How to open online store on Amazon

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Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Stores builder is a powerful tool for creating an ecommerce storefront on Amazon with no coding or design expertise required.
  • Amazon offers multiple selling plans, including the Individual plan for casual sellers and the Professional plan for high-volume businesses.
  • Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry provides added benefits and protection tools for eligible brands.
  • Leveraging Amazon's A+ Content and 3D/virtual try-on features can significantly boost product engagement and sales.
  • Integrating with Amazon's advertising, marketing, and fulfillment services can help expand your reach and streamline operations.

What is an Amazon Online Store?

Looking for a way to sell online? A good eCommerce tool is crucial. It helps you reach the people you want, gives a safe shopping space, and tracks your progress. Amazon's amazon online store is easy to set up. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can use their templates. These let you create a unique store with text, images, and videos. You can tell your brand's story, just like R+Co does with its hair products.1

Benefits of an Amazon Online Store

The Amazon Stores builder is perfect for starting an online shop on Amazon. It works like building with blocks—no need for tech skills. Your store will look great on any screen, whether it's a computer, phone, or tablet.1

Tools Provided by Amazon for Online Stores

To use Amazon Brand Registry, you need a trademark and the ability to show your brand on your products.1 With the Amazon Stores builder, you can make detailed pages that tell your story and show off your products. Amazon gives you a choice of three store designs. Each lets you tweak the layout to suit your content. Your Amazon shop will change the products it shows based on what people search for and what's selling well.

A+ Content on Amazon makes your product pages more appealing with lifestyle shots and comparison tables. Amazon also offers lots of ways to market your stuff, like ads, special deals, and social media. Being an influencer on Amazon means you can make a recommendation page and get rewarded for sales. There's a dashboard on Amazon where you can check how your store is doing. It's easy to link your Amazon shop with other sites, making it simpler to sell in more places. With the Amazon Seller app, you can manage your shop from your phone. It also has training to help you learn new tips and tricks.

Choose Your Amazon Selling Plan

Amazon lets you pick from two selling plans. This helps you find the best tools for your business. The Individual selling plan is $0.99 per sale. The Professional selling plan costs $39.99 each month, no matter how much you sell.

Both plans come with extra programs you might want to use. Remember, you can change or stop your plan when needed.

Individual Selling Plan

The Individual plan is great for those who sell less than 40 items monthly. It costs $0.99 for each sale, which is good for small or part-time sellers.

Professional Selling Plan

The Professional plan is for sellers with lots to offer or those who need advanced tools. It's $39.99 per month and includes unlimited listing and special features.

On top of that fee, Amazon takes a cut from each sale. Plus, you might face other selling costs. Additional tools and programs could also mean extra charges.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

First, choose a selling plan that suits you. Then, you'll sign up with Amazon to make a Seller Central account. You'll need your Amazon customer email or a business one. Make sure you have your bank info, credit card, ID, tax details, and a phone number ready.

Requirements for Seller Account Creation

All Amazon sellers need to share some info. This includes bank details, a credit card, ID, taxes, and your phone number.

Configuring Your Seller Central Account

After signing up, you'll get into Seller Central. It's like your main control room for selling on Amazon. Here, you can add your products, set prices, handle your stock, and ship orders to customers.

In Seller Central, you can also make deals and discounts, follow your money, and manage expenses. If you need, you can even bring others in to help with your account.

Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

If your brand is eligible, sign it up for Amazon Brand Registry before selling. This step makes linking products to your brand simpler. Brand Registry aids sellers with more protection tools for free.

By enrolling your brand, gain more power over product pages and use tools like A+ Content. Store and Manage Your Experiments also become available, boosting audience reach. Plus, guard your brand better with extra reporting tools.

Benefits of Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry uses tech to authenticate brand ownership. This deters others from profiting from your work for free. This service helps with IP protection, managing listings, and Amazon business growth.

Signing up offers protections against counterfeit listings and the ability to report violations. You also get support and a neutral review of patents, among other benefits. The program provides access to various tools like A+ Content, Amazon Stores, and more.

To join, have a fully registered or applying trademark. You need an active trademark in countries where you'll sell. Amazon IP Accelerator can speed things up if you're applying for a trademark. While Amazon Brand Registry is free to join, some tools may cost extra. The approval process varies, sometimes taking weeks. This is more likely if you're still in the trademark application phase.

List Your Products on Amazon

If you've shopped on Amazon, you know the product detail page well. It shows all the key info about an item. When many sellers have the same product, Amazon groups their offers together on one page. This helps customers easily compare and buy.

The main parts of a product detail page are the title, images, different versions, key points, the "Buy Box," other sellers' offers, and the product's full description.

Product Detail Page Elements

Listing a product on Amazon depends on its type, condition, and brand. Sometimes, you must ask permission to sell a certain product or brand. You'll see this during the listing.

Listing Products Individually vs. in Bulk

Amazon lets you list products from many categories, including groceries and toys. Your product page must meet the law, Amazon’s rules, and policies. Sellers can join Amazon Brand Registry for more benefits and tools. The Amazon Seller app helps manage your business from anywhere.

Restricted Product Categories

The Outdoors category on Amazon features gear, apparel, and sports goods.2 Selling as an Individual costs $0.99 per sale. The Professional plan is $39.99 a month, regardless of sales.

Enhance Your Product Listings

If your brand is part of the Amazon Brand Registry, you have a great chance to boost your sales. You can use A+ Content and 3D models to help customers get to know your products better. By adding video, better images, and product-comparison charts, you can tell your brand's story and showcase your products more effectively.

Basic A+ Content can boost sales by up to 8%. Meanwhile, top-notch Premium A+ Content can surge sales by up to 20%.

A+ Content for Enhanced Product Pages

Make shopping an immersive experience for your customers. Let them see products in 3D from all angles. They can even place items in their own rooms to see how they fit with View in Your Room. Moreover, they can try on shoes and eyewear virtually with Virtual Try-On.

On average, customers are twice as likely to buy a product after visualizing it in 3D or trying it on virtually.

3D Models and Virtual Try-On

Amazon's a+ content3d models, and virtual try-on features can deeply enhance your product listings. All this, to create a more compelling shopping experience. These amazon seller tools aren't just cool, they're hot for driving sales and winning customer loyalty.

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How to open online store on Amazon

To start, sign up on Seller Central for the Stores builder. It lets you make a store where you can show off your brand. You can tell your story and share your products using different media, like pictures and videos.

Using the Amazon Stores Builder

First, pick how you want your store to look, like a grid or a single page. Then, fill it with cool content using the Page and Tile Managers. You can also check how it looks on phones and computers.

Customizing Your Storefront

When your store is ready, hit "Submit for Publishing." It might take a few days for Amazon to check it. Watch the status to see how it's going. Once it's approved, everyone on Amazon can see it.

Submitting Your Store for Publishing

You'll get a special web address just for your store ( There are three store styles, each with different ways to show off your stuff. These stores can use Amazon's data to always show the best products.

Use advertising and marketing tools to get more people to your store. You can add extra tools from the Amazon Marketplace to sell in more places. This includes making it easy to handle orders from different places. Amazon also has a program for influencers to earn rewards.

A+ Content makes your product pages look better with more info and features.

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Promote and Market Your Amazon Store

After building your online store, use performance ads and marketing. This helps reach more customers. You can try pay-per-clickmethods, like product listing ads and special offers. Also, try social media posts, emails, and blogs. Together with SEO, these boost your store's name.

Advertising and Marketing Tactics

Got a social media following? You can earn from it with an influencer store. Amazon's program lets you make a page with your URL. Then, you share what you like and get rewards when people buy.Don't forget shoppable livestreams. They're great for showing new stuff and helping people find what they'd like.

Integrating with Existing Sales Channels

If you sell elsewhere, connect Amazon to your other shops. Use the Marketplace Appstore. By adding apps, you can manage all your sales better.Sellers with Amazon Brand Registry have a cool perk. They can use Amazon Stores for free. It's perfect for telling their brand's story and displaying products wonderfully.


An online store turns the tiniest details into big wins for your business. Amazon's online selling setup is all about improving every step for your customer. It helps you manage your business from anywhere, keeps payment safe, lowers cart abandonment rates, checks your progress, works well with other sites, and boosts sales with special offers and smart ads. Plus, it makes things automatic, simplifying your work. Getting your shop on Amazon means you can sell more and grow, thanks to its amazing tools and support.

In 2021, online selling is set to hit ₹3,551,417m. Amazon offers a wide audience of millions of eager buyers. The chance to sell online is huge because of this. Amazon also gives you tools like Stores builder and A+ Content to make shopping fun, improve your listings, and bring more people to your store.

Using Amazon's selling system, you can make your business run smoother, build strong customer trust, and move up in the online market. It's perfect for anyone who's just starting or wants to do even better online. Amazon gives you everything you need to win in e-commerce.


What is an Amazon Online Store?

An Amazon Online Store is a place where sellers can show off their products. It lets them make pages that tell their story. They can use photos, videos, and text to draw in customers.

What are the benefits of an Amazon Online Store?

Having an Amazon Online Store helps sellers reach many people. It gives customers a safe and easy shopping experience. Sellers can also see how their store is doing and find ways to grow.

What tools does Amazon provide for online stores?

Amazon offers tools like the Stores builder, A+ Content, and more. These help sellers make their online shop look great. Sellers can use them to make shopping fun for customers.

What are the different Amazon selling plans?

Amazon has two plans for sellers. The Individual plan charges $0.99 for each sale. The Professional plan costs $39.99 a month. Each plan comes with its own tools and services.

What are the requirements for creating an Amazon Seller account?

To make an Amazon Seller account, you need a few things. These include a bank account, a credit card, your ID, tax info, and a phone number. They help Amazon check who you are.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry?

Joining the Amazon Brand Registry makes it easier to control your product pages. It gives you extra tools and helps protect your brand automatically.

What are the key elements of an Amazon product detail page?

Amazon's product pages have several important parts. These include the title, photos, variations, key points, the "Buy Box," and the product story. Each part helps tell customers about the product.

How can sellers enhance their product listings on Amazon?

Sellers can make their product pages better in a few ways. They can use A+ Content to make their brand stand out. They can also add 3D models and Virtual Try-Ons to give customers a cool shopping experience.

How do sellers create an online store on Amazon?

To make a store on Amazon, sellers use the Stores builder. This tool lets them pick a look for their store, add pages, and put up content with an easy drag-and-drop tool.

What marketing and promotion tactics can sellers use for their Amazon store?

Sellers have lots of ways to get the word out about their store. They can use ads, special deals, social media, work with influencers, and connect Amazon to their other sales places.

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